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Welcome to my Shop.
Your chlorine dioxide shop for disinfection/waterpurification.
I am happy to see you here in my Shop!
Quality is the best recipe!
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A-Z of products

Here you find products from A - Z!

Essential oils

Here you will find essential oils that are 100% natural. They not only smell good and also provide good mood.

francais: Les huiles essentielles suivantes, qui sont pures à 100%.
Ils sentent bon et non seulement une bonne humeur.

Special Offers

Here you will find special products at an especially favorable price.

francais: Vous y trouverez des produits spéciaux pour le prix spécial.

Activator / acids

Activator / acids

Here you can find acids for activation of sodium chloride 25% for water disinfection.

05 – Ätzend 07 – Achtung


Hazard statements and Precautionary statements you find in the product information.



Bentonite powder

The molecules in the bentonite have a very strong negative charge. They therefore attract only substances which have a positive ionic charge, e.g. Heavy metals, harmful bacteria, radioactive particles or acids. Also ideal for cleaning pond water.

CDH Chlorine dioxid Readysolutions

CDH Chlorine dioxid Readysolutions

chlorine dioxide:
CDH is a prefabricated mixture of chlorine dioxide and water for desinfect.

CDH est un mélange préfabriqué de dioxyde de chlore et l'eau.

chlorine dioxide sets

Sodium chlorite + acid sets (chlorine dioxide sets) for disinfection.

Le chlorite de sodium + ensembles d'acide (ensembles de dioxyde de chlore)
CDH Doser

CDH Doser

The original Doser System

The original CDH-Doser is a syringe, which fits exactly into the Doser-use. This can stylus can be inserted and used in glass bottles of size PP28. These bottles are available in my shop in sizes 250, 500 and 1000 ml. With the Doser and the insert can be so remove liquids from glass bottles and measure simultaneously. The graduation of the doser is steps in 0.5 ml. Buy CDH, the can stylus is included in the bottle. To these use perfectly, buy this, the CDH-Doser.


Le CDH-Doser est une seringue, ce qui correspond exactement à la Doser utilisation. Ceci peut stylet peut être inséré et utilisé dans des bouteilles en verre de taille PP28. Ces bouteilles sont disponibles dans mon magasin dans les tailles 250, 500 et 1000 ml. Avec le Doser et l'insert peuvent être ainsi supprimer des liquides à partir de bouteilles de verre et de mesurer simultanément. La graduation du doseur est pas dans 0,5 ml. Acheter CDH, la boîte stylet est inclus dans la bouteille. Pour ceux-ci utilisent parfaitement, acheter ce, le CDH-Doser.




DMSO, Dimethylsulfoxide

In this category you will DMSO

DMSO is a widely used solvent in the laboratory and in technology. Highest purity and quality! 100% you will find in bottom downwards. It is packed in glass bottles or PE/PP bottles.
shelf life: DMSO is at least 2 years, provided that it is protected from direct sunlight and stored at room temperature. Do not store DMSO in cool. Under 18 °C it will be freece! If you believe that it is frozen, you can thaw it at up to 40 ° C, best in a warm water bath.

Dans cette catégorie vous allez DMSO. Le DMSO est un solvant largement utilisé en laboratoire et en technologie.
La pureté et la qualité les plus élevées! 100% vous trouverez en bas vers le bas.

dosage tubes

Find dosing aids such as:
Syringes, measuring cup, dosing pipettes, funnels, CDH-Doser

francais:Trouver dosage aides tels que:
Seringues, tasse à mesurer, pipettes doseuses, entonnoirs, CDH-Doser
Doser system for glass bottles

Doser system for glass bottles

The Doser system offers a dosage insert that fits into a glass bottle with the appropriate doser (dosing syringe). With the doser, you can easily remove the liquid while the bottle is being dispensed, while simultaneously dosing it. It is also known as a CDH dosing system.


Le système Doser fournit un stylet d'étain qui rentre dans une bouteille en verre avec le Doser correspondant (seringue). Par Doser le liquide peut facilement enlevé lorsque la bouteille est inversée et distribuer ainsi simultanément. Il est également connu en tant que système CDH Doser.

shower filter

The shower filter eliminates free chlorine particles from the water, which have a harmful influence on the human body (irritation of the eyes, respiratory system, the mucous membranes, and the nose). It also removes heavy metals such as: arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury.

francais:  Le filtre de douche élimine les particules de chlore libre de l'eau, qui ont un effet néfaste sur le corps humain (irritation des yeux, du système respiratoire, les muqueuses, et le nez). Il supprime également les métaux lourds tels que l'arsenic, le cadmium, le plomb, le mercure.


Empty bottles / empty vessels

In this category you will find empty bottles and accessories for these glass bottles have two thread sizes: * DIN 18 (10-100 ml bottles) and * PP28 (for larger glass bottles from 250 ml)
HDPE bottles have the following thread sizes: * to 100 mL: 20-410 and * with 1 liter HDPE bottles: 24-410

Dans cette catégorie, vous trouverez des bouteilles vides et des accessoires pour ces bouteilles en verre ont deux tailles de filetage DIN: * 18 ml (10-100 bouteilles) et * PP28 (pour les bouteilles en verre plus grandes de 250 ml). Flacons en PEHD ont les tailles de filetage suivantes: * à 100 ml: 20-410 * et avec des flacons en PEHD de 1 litre: 24-410

Himalayan Salt

Here you can buy Himalayan Salt cheap. Optimal for the preparation and application of a Himalayan salt brine or for use in the salt shaker as fine litter.

fracais: Ici vous pouvez acheter pas cher sel de l'Himalaya. Optimal pour la préparation et l'application d'une saumure de sel de l'Himalaya ou pour une utilisation dans la salière comme litière fine.

insect protection

Insect protection is prevention. Here you will find natural insect repellents


Protection contre les insectes est la prévention. Trouver répulsif naturel des insectes

hollow capsulas, vegetable

Here you will findempty capsules of size "0" (acid resitent), HPMC

Bigger Quantity you can finde here: enteric coated capsula

Magnesium chlorid products

Here to fiind products from or with magnesium chloride from the dead sea. It is known as: hexahydrate, MgCl2, 6H2O or E511. Good for footbath relax.


Où trouver les produits à partir ou avec du chlorure de magnésium de la mer morte. Il est connu sous le nom: hexahydraté, MgCl2, 6H2O ou E511. Bon pour se détendre pédiluve.

Minerals / Minéraux

Minerals / Minéraux

Bentonit, Magnesiumchlorid, Natriumhydrogencarbonat, Natron, Himalaya Salz

francais: La bentonite, le chlorure de magnésium, le bicarbonate de sodium, bicarbonate de soude, sel Himalaya

MKB Vital

MKB Vital - a trace element mix.

Sodium Chlorite

Sodium Chlorite

In this category you will find sodium chlorite without an activator acid (hydrochloric acid, lactic acid, citric acid) for additional purchase. If you need both, look in the section chlorine dioxide sets.

Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

Finish activated chlorine dioxide, chlorine dioxide see CDH3000 ReadyMix.

sets: chlorine dioxid  - waterpurification

sets: chlorine dioxid - waterpurification

Sodium chlorite + acid sets (chlorine dioxide sets). With activator: hcl, citric acid, lactic acid

Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

Sodium bicarbonate

Soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is sold here as the fine, white powder. Ideal for acid neutralization in pond water.

francais: Soda, également connu comme le bicarbonate de sodium (NaHCO3) est vendu dans le présent mémoire en tant que poudre fine, blanche. Optimal pour la neutralisation de l'acide dans l'eau de l'étang.

Natural Products

Essential oils, citronella, lemongrass, DMSO, mosquitoes and ticks protection, MKB Vital

francais: Les huiles essentielles, citronnelle, citronnelle, le DMSO, les moustiques et les tiques protection, MKB Vital

Cleaning + Care

The following natural cleaning products, such as potassium soap, potash, borax soap, etc.


Les produits de nettoyage naturels suivants, tels que le savon de potassium, de la potasse, le borax savon, etc.

acid resistent empty Capsules

Here they are: acid-resistant blank capsules (technical aid).
I have only the size "0" here in my assortment.
Size   Dimensions (outside) Possible filling quantity (by density) Weight    approx.
   0          2.16 cm x 0.75 cm                400 mg 800 mg                                    100 mg     0.68 ml

Up to 2000 pieces I offer here the packing of 100 pieces, also discounts (see list below in the product)
Need more? Choose the cheaper 2500 pieces of
BIGPACK. (1 x 2500 pieces of aluminum bags).

Sprayer, Sprayerbottles

Here you find sprayer and Sprayerbottles

Tachyon energy products

Use the force field of the universe!

According to Nikola Tesla Tachyon products are antennas for cosmic energy (Tachyon). You have a harmonizing field and may thereby affect body, mind and spirit.

francais: Utilisez le champ de force de l'univers!

Selon Nikola Tesla Produits Tachyon sont des antennes pour l'énergie cosmique (Tachyon). Vous avez un champ d'harmonisation et peut ainsi influer sur le corps, l'esprit et l'esprit.



Here you will find funnels in different sizes for filling.

francais: Trouvez des trémies de différentes tailles pour le remplissage.

Water animation / energizing

New! The probably unique and simple solution. The new water softener Soft Water Energy! Strong magnetic force, which makes the water very invigorating and soft.


My products:
1.) sodium chlorite + hydrochloric or lactic acid (chlorine dioxide) - classical activation necessary.
2.) OX-IT CDH3000 - finished mixture (chlorine dioxide) ready for use activated with a practical box stylus for dosing (without Doser s accessory).
Chlorine dioxide solutions are also called CDL or CDS.
3.) water filter for purifying drinking water genuine

Waterpurification/Waterfilter, Reverseosmotic systems

Waterpurification/Waterfilter, Reverseosmotic systems

Here you will find drinking water filters make your tap water into pure drinking water.

francais: Vous trouverez ici des filtres d'eau potable de rendre votre eau du robinet en eau potable pure.

xylit, Xylitol, Birch sugar

Xylitol is a sugar substitute with equivalent sweetening power as sugar/sucrose, but and the alternative to the conventional sugar:
* tastes like sugar
* maintains the teeth, decreases the caries risk
* contains 40% fewer calories than sugar
* mild cooling effect when resolving.
* Fine-grain powder (max. particle size is less than the of household sugar)
* gluten free,
* of course won natural
* made from birch bark
interesting information I found (in german):

Le xylitol est un substitut du sucre avec pouvoir sucrant équivalent en saccharose/sucre, mais et l’alternative au sucre traditionnel :
* goûts comme sucre
* maintient les dents, diminue le risque de caries
* contient 40 % moins de calories que le sucre
* doux effet de refroidissement lors de la résolution.
* Grains de poudre (granulométrie max. est inférieure à la de sucre domestique)
* sans gluten, * bien sûr gagné
* fabriqués à partir d’écorce de bouleau
renseignements j’ai trouvé intéressants (german) :


Under this link, which you clicked in the left menu, you will find information.

Data Protection and Privacy

Privacy and Data Protection

We appreciate your visit to our website and thank you for your interest in our company, our products and our web pages. Protecting your privacy when using our web pages is important to us. Therefore, please take note of the following information:

1) Basic Information about handling personal data
You may visit our website without your having to release any personal data. For each access to our website usage data will be transmitted by the respective internet browser and are stored in log files, the so called server log files such as date and time of the call, name of the accessed page, data volume transferred and the name of the inquiring provider. Those data cannot be attributed to a particular person and are exclusively intended to ensure a smooth operation of our website and to improve our offer.
Personal data are only collected if you voluntarily disclose such data to us for the purpose of concluding a contract or opening a customer account. It is evident from the respective input form which data are collected. Closing your customer account shall be possible at any time and may be effected through a message to the contact address described below. We store and use the data you disclose to us for the purpose of contract processing. Upon complete fulfilment of the contract or closing of your customer account, your data will be blocked with care for tax and commercial retention periods and will be deleted upon expiry of those periods, unless you have explicitly consented to the further use of your data or we reserve the right to use your data permitted by law. Hereinafter we inform you accordingly about such a reservation.
When contacting us (for example via contact form or e-mail) personal data will be collected. It is evident from the respective input form which data are collected. Those data will be stored and processed exclusively for the purpose of responding to your enquiry or of getting in contact with you and for the connected technical administration. Your data will be deleted after final processing of your inquiry, if you so desire, provided that legal retention periods will not be barred by a deletion.
Furthermore, personal data will be collected, if you register with our e-mail newsletter. Those data will be used for advertising purposes in the form of an e-mail newsletter, if you agree in this expressly as follows:
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You can cancel the newsletter at any time by clicking on the link provided in the newsletter or by a corresponding message addressed to us. After cancelation your e-mail address will be immediately deleted in our newsletter mailing list.

2) Transfer of personal data for the purpose of order handling
2.1 For the purpose of contract fulfillment, personal data collected by us are transferred to the transport company commissioned with the delivery, provided this is required for delivering the goods.
2.2 If paying per PayPal, credit card via PayPal, direct debit per PayPal or, if offered, purchasing on account via PayPal, we transfer your payment data to PayPal (Europe) S.a. r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg (hereinafter referred to as "PayPal") for the purpose of payment processing. PayPal reserves itself the exclusion of certain payment methods such as credit card via PayPal, direct debit per PayPal or, if offered, purchasing on account, after the result of a credit investigation. PayPal uses the result of the credit check with regard to the statistical probability of failure for the purpose of deciding whether to offer the corresponding payment method. The credit check may contain probability values (so called score values). Insofar as score values are included in the credit report, they are based on scientifically recognized, mathematical-statistical procedures. Among other data, address data are taken into account when calculating the score values. For further information on our privacy policy and the use of credit agencies, please refer to the PayPal data protection information:
2.3 If delivery of the product takes place by the transport service provider (Deutsche Post AG, Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 20, 53113 Bonn), we pass your e-mail address to DHL with your express consent prior to the delivery of the product for the purpose of coordinating a date of delivery, as follows:
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Otherwise, we only pass the name of the addressee and the delivery address to DHL. In this case, a preceding coordination about the date of delivery with DHL is not possible.
2.4 If delivery of goods takes place by transport service provider UPS (United Parcel Service Deutschland Inc. & Co. OHG, Görlitzer Straße 1, 41460 Neuss), we pass on your e-mail address to UPS with your express consent, prior to the delivery of the product, for the purpose of coordinating a date of delivery or of a notice about the shipment status, as follows:
„I agree that my e-mail address will be passed on to UPS (United Parcel Service Deutschland Inc. & Co. OHG, Görlitzer Straße 1, 41460 Neuss) to enable UPS to contact me via e-mail, prior to the delivery of the product, for the purpose of coordinating a date of delivery or of a notice about the shipment status. I can revoke my respective consent at any time.”
Otherwise, we will only pass on the name of the recipient and the delivery address to UPS. In this case the prior coordination of the date of delivery with UPS or a report about the shipment status is not possible.

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Vertreten durch die IT-Recht Kanzlei

Cancellation | Withdrawal

Cancellation | Withdrawal
Here you find your Withdrawal (for private customers)


Overview shipping Germany + abroad

Aperçu expédition coûte Allemagne + étranger


10/11/2016 - PAYMENT/options

Payment Methods:
I offer you various payment options.

Just pay by transfer in advance. After confirming your payment your order will be processed immediately. You are protected by a right of revocation and the EU dispute settlement body.
The payment should be made promptly, at the latest within a week, so the processing can be done quickly. You can find the data for the transfer on the order confirmation.
Should it go faster, use the express prepayment.

SEPA INFO for free transfers in the SEPA Member State also to me instead of expensive foreign transfer,
which costs the most significant fees, just use the SEPA procedures (single euro payments area) In the SEPA process,
there are no reception or shipment fees. This means that the transfer costs no more as a referral to you in Germany!
You can make the credit transfer scheme with SEPA in following States:

Ländername IBN Beginnt mit Bemerkung
Austria/Österreich AT 20 Bemerkung
Belgium/ Belgien BE 16  
Bulgaria/Bulgarien BG 22 We can also send Bulgarian Lev to Bulgaria
Coratia/Kroatien HR 21  
Cyprus/Zypern CY 28  
Czech Republic/Tchechien CZ 24 We can send and receive Czech Koruna to and from the Czech Republic
Denmark/Dänemark DK 18  
Estonia/Estland EE 20  
Finland/Finnland FI 18 Including Åland Islands (only payment)
France/Frankreich FR 27 Including French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin
(French part) and Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Does not include French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna and French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Germany/Deutschland DE 22  
Gibralta GI 23 We can also send GBP to Gibraltar. For more information see our GBP article here.
Greece* GR 27 *Due to the current situation in Greece, regulations allow only 1000 EUR per customer to be sent out of the country per month.
Hungary/Ungarn HU 28 We can also send and receive Hungarian Forint to and from Hungary
Iceland IS 26  
Ireland IE 22  
Italy IT 27  
Lativa/Lettland LV 21  
Liechttenstein LI 21  
Lithuania LT 20  
Luxembourg LU 20  
Malta MT 31  
Monaco MC 27  
Netherlands/Niederlande NL 18  
Norway/Norwegen NO 15  
Poland PL 28  
Portugal PT 25  
Romania/Rumänien RO 24  
San Marino SM 27  
Slovakia SK 24  
Slovenia SI 19  
Spain/Spanien ES 24  
Sweden/Schweden SE 24  
Switzerland/Schweiz CH 21  
UK Great Brigtain GB 22  


Let not bank with a foreign bank transfer and charge the extra fees! Are possible following currencies: euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Danish krone, Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, Iceland krona, Czech koruna, Zloty, forint, Bulgarian Lev, Romanian Leu, Croatian Kuna EURO payments to me only! With SEPA, remittances from abroad take approximately 1-2 business
days. This is better.

My tip: Online payment faster and easier
The IBAN numbers are long. To simplify everything, simply use the following:
Open the email with my order confirmation. There you will find the IBAN and the data you need to transfer. Open your online banking in another window.
It's that easy:
1. Select the IBAN number with the left mouse button (see the order confirmation)
2. Right-click and select "COPY".
3. Click the left mouse button in the IBAN field of online banking. Press the right mouse button and select "INSERT".
The long IBAN is already in its online banking.
Now just enter the recipient, amount and the order number, send it and confirm with TAN.
Finished is the payment.
Payment confirmation: After your transfer, you will see a confirmation of transfer. With the "PRINT" button on the keyboard, you can copy it and then paste it into the email to me with the right mouse button "INSERT". You can send me this confirmation by e-mail. Then the order can be processed immediately.

You want an express processing without waiting for the money?
Use the Express prepayment.



2. EXPRESS-prepayment
This is how the new "quick advance"
1. Order in the shop.
2. In the payment method, select "Express Prepayment"
3. Transfer the amount online or with normal transfer. That is for sure..
You can read more above.
4. After completion of your order, please send me the confirmation of your payment by e-mail.

Payment Confirmation: After your transfer, you can have your transfer confirmation displayed. With the "PRINT" key on your keyboard, you can copy it and then simply paste it into the email with the right mouse button "INSERT". You can send me this confirmation by e-mail.
5. Upon receipt of your payment confirmation your order can be processed immediately.


3. Purchase on account:
If you have already bought with me, you can leave as a regular customer. Just send me a short e-mail. Then you have the option to choose the payment method "Pay on bill". Pay the invoice then after receiving your goods within 7 days.


4. Sofort Bank transfer:



Thanks IMMEDIATELY, the online payment is secure and fast with your trusted online banking data, and so it works:
A. Select Bank - Select your country and enter your bank code.
B. Login - Log in with your online banking access data. The data is transmitted encrypted to your online banking.
C. Confirming the transfer - You will be asked for a TAN analog to your bank. Enter this. Each TAN can only be used once. The security of your online banking is thus guaranteed. My shop receives a real-time confirmation. So I can process the order immediately.
The provider says: Sofort Online Banktransfer is one of the safest payment systems on the Internet. With IMMEDIATE RELEASE, you simply use your proven, secure online banking.
The online banking access data and the TAN are only entered in the secure payment form of SOFORT GmbH.
SOFORT GmbH does not store sensitive data such as PIN and TAN and carries out the transaction only as a technical payment service provider.
The SOFORT GmbH has the TÜV-certificate "proofen data protection" and the payment system IMMEDIATE the certificate "Verified Payment System" of TÜV Saarland. The TÜV Saarland regularly checks and certifies our payment system.


- not allowed for payment of DMSO.
Simply select Paypal. Why not for DMSO?
Paypal was gladly used. In November 2016, Paypal (referring to US laws) so not German, had my account blocked. The solvent "DMSO", which I sell in my shop, would be a prescription drug in the US, it was justification. Therefore, I am not allowed to handle payments related to the sale of DMSO or products containing DMSO through Paypal. And that, although DMSO in Germany, even after execution of Paypal, may be sold legally. This procedure surely surprises you too. So I can only offer Paypal if you do not want to buy a DMSO with it. If you pay DMSO with Paypal, I have to reject the order and return the money.
Another quick solution: Pay quickly and easily.

Battery Note

Note on the disposal of used batteries

The following note is intended for those who use batteries or products with built-in batteries and do not resell them in the form supplied to them (end users):

1. Free return of used batteries

Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. You are legally obliged to return used batteries so that professional disposal can be guaranteed. You can deliver used batteries at a municipal collection point or in the local trade. We are also obliged as a distributor of batteries for the return of waste batteries, with our obligation to take back to old batteries of the kind that we have as new batteries in our range or have led. Old batteries of the aforementioned kind can either be returned to us with sufficient prepaid postage or delivered directly to our dispatch warehouse at the address stated in the imprint free of charge.

2. Meaning of the battery symbols

Batteries are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out wheelie bin (see below). This symbol indicates that batteries should not be disposed of with household waste. For batteries containing more than 0.0005% by mass of mercury, more than 0.002% by mass of cadmium or more than 0.004% by mass of lead, below the garbage can symbol is the chemical name of the particular pollutant used - where "cd" stands for cadmium, "Pb "stands for lead, and" Hg "for mercury.



24/01/2017 - Advantages of registration in the shop

A login (registration) in the shop has many advantages for you: 1. simple login with email address and password

2. you only enter once time address information, telephone number, etc.

3. You can create more delivery addresses, delivery to a different address to allow

4. you have an overview of their previous orders

5. You can access your personal information and change

6. You can easily change your password

7. You can create shopping lists and make a prebooking article, that you are interested in. 8. you can choose whether you on the newsletter or unsubscribe

9. See your status: new customer, customer, reseller, etc.

10. you can see, is what tax model used (gross price display or display net prices)

11. You see your customer number

By the way: your data is always saved for the execution and filing your order. So, it makes no difference whether you register or just buy. But you have the above mentioned advantages!


Un login (enregistrement) dans la boutique présente de nombreux avantages pour vous :

1. connexion simple avec adresse email et mot de passe

2. vous seulement une fois fois entrer les informations d’adresse, numéro de téléphone, etc..

3. vous pouvez créer plusieurs adresses de livraison, livraison à une adresse différente pour permettre à

4. vous avez aperçu général de leurs ordonnances antérieures

5. vous pouvez accéder à vos informations personnelles et modifier

6. vous pouvez facilement changer votre mot de passe

7. vous pouvez créer des listes de courses et faire un article prebooking, que vous êtes intéressé dedans.

8. vous pouvez choisir si vous sur la newsletter ou vous en désabonner

9. lac de votre statut : nouveau client, revendeur, client, etc.

10. vous pouvez le voir, est quel modèle fiscal utilisé (grand prix affichage ou affichage prix nets)

11. vous voir votre numéro de client

Soit dit en passant : vos données sont toujours enregistrées pour l’exécution et le dépôt de votre commande. Ainsi, il est indifférent que vous vous inscrivez ou tout simplement achetez. Mais vous avez les avantages mentionnés ci-dessus !

other topics | autres sujets

Here are some other topics: methods of payment, guestbook, news, alternative energy, photovoltaic electricity storage, Links, About Me, Partner, Legal warnings biocide, quality / product information, quality information, holistic harmonization (spiritual healing and coaching), Informations for reseller.

francais: Voici quelques autres sujets: nouvelles, les énergies alternatives, photovoltaïque stockage de l'électricité, Liens, À propos de moi, partenaire, avertissements légaux biocide, la qualité / informations sur les produits, des informations de qualité, l'harmonisation globale (guérison spirituelle et coaching)

Info to chlorine dioxide sets

Info to chlorine dioxide sets

Here you will find information about chlorine dioxide sets and CDH.

francais: Ici vous trouverez des informations sur les jeux de dioxyde de chlore et CDH.

07/03/2018 - Posion Information Center

Here you find Poison Emergency Centers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria:

Poison Information Centers (Listing)

Social and environmental

Social sustainability
Are the shipping costs too high for you?
Shipping costs result from the work different professional groups, as motorists, extractors as well as from vehicle procurement costs, vehicle maintenance costs like diesel, oil, repairs) insurance, Berufsgenossenschaftsbeiträge, health care for coworkers and it could be many more enumerate. In the age of "big corporations", which soon determine the markets, one is accustomed to get goods partly "free of charge". The so-called "free shipping" is of course differentiated elsewhere or calculated in other disciplines, such as personnel costs. In this way employees often get hunger wages. Usually, they are subcontractors who can just survive. if any. Illness, vacation, retirement, labor law are often misrepresenting. The cost pressure has led to this. Sure, we as customers have not wanted this of course. Nevertheless, we also support these trends with our purchases, or not.

I do not want to go too far. It should only be said that one should also think about it once, if it is always only to get more for less. I know the "big ones" make it so. But unfortunately I can not change this alone.

Particularly for the dangerous goods in small quantities ( "B" products) the prices are "peppered" in some areas. Unfortunately, I also have to pay this. And if you ever asked what a dangerous goods LQ package would cost you privately in shipping, you know immediately what I mean. Also the other shipping prices you have to pay at the counter directly more expensive.


Taxpayers - but only for the "big ones":

I do not want to complain, but according to the press release many large companies, which, in contrast to me, do not pay taxes and withdraw with "legal tricks" in tax havens and nevertheless make your turnover in Germany. Unfortunately, I can not offer this, but for this I am an independent entrepreneur and not a monopolist. Greedy, who are exploiting
And with their prices pushing the small businessmen mercilessly out of the market, obviously work to have the monopoly and then to dictate the prices. At least it looks like this.

Social sustainability is here with me higher resident.

Nevertheless, I understand, of course, that you want to get the goods as cheap as possible. Nevertheless, one should consider the background and buy with a little social conscience as far as it goes. I also know that many people, particularly because of these developments, have little money. I try to do so with moderate prices, as far as I can at all.


Environmental Protection:

I will pay a surcharge for each package, so that the goods "klimaneutral" will be sent to you. DHL, one of my contract partners, drives the product gogreen:
There, attempts are being made to reduce co2 emissions by: fleet optimization, building optimization, network optimization and other environmental influences. An overview and a good video can be found here:


I myself try to create a balance between necessary and necessary packaging. However, especially sensitive items must be packaged safely, especially if they are dangerous goods. I also like to take used cartons, in order not to produse unnecessarily garbage. However, it is hard to get this.

dispute settlement

The EU Commission provides on its website the following link to the ODR platform:
This platform shall be a point of entry for out-of-court resolutions of disputes arising from online sales and service contracts concluded between consumers and traders.
The Seller is neither obliged nor prepared to attend a dispute settlement procedure before an alternative dispute resolution entity.


Mitglied der Initiative "Fairness im Handel".
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Not pursued shopping

Almost everywhere on the Internet, our data is collected, forwarded and evaluated. In particular services such as gogle, facebook, twitter allow access even in shops if one offers their services there.

I have deliberately selected the services like: Amazon Partner Program, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, piwick, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Xing, Tublr, YouTube, digg, delicious, stupleupon, Technorati (social web) My shop to protect your privacy.

So I do not offer any chances of being traced by these services during your purchase. This allows you to shop unsuccessfully except for the provider data transfer. You also notice that my site is not constantly being reloaded, and that they are constantly receiving advertisements on my products after purchasing them. I find this reassuring. I hope you too.

For not be tracked by searching with searching engines I got the tipp to

All good to you.